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  • Trouble parking your car no reason to call 911 in B.C.

    There’s a growing trend that has people calling 9-1-1 to get information rather than to report an emergency, according to E-Comm that has been monitoring the misuse of the emergency call system in B.C. since 2013.
  • Who do you call to complain about restaurant service? Not 911

    When 911 responders answer a call, they expect to hear reports of stolen vehicles, robberies, life-threatening injuries, and other critical events. They don't expect to hear about missing jackets, daylight savings time, or windshield wipers that no longer work.
  • E-Comm in B.C. releases top ten unnecessary calls to 911 in 2016

    VANCOUVER - As 2016 comes to a close, the dispatchers for 911 are sharing some of the most ludicrous calls of the year including someone asking for help with a broken locker, getting a soccer ball off of a roof and with a spider in the bathroom.

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