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Okanagan Food Delivery App Loved by Locals

October 05, 2020 - 8:00 AM

Local Okanagan restaurant owners are looking for ways to boost sales during the COVID-19 pandemic. NINJAnow is a food ordering app that can, within days, increase revenues.

NINJAnow creates customized, online restaurant menus and dispatches drivers fast. It’s unique in that they provide a local Okanagan dispatcher in every location that oversees every order and driver. Restaurant owners can be confident that if there is a problem they can get someone on the phone right away to help.

Kaiso Sushi in West Kelowna has seen a significant increase in sales since signing up with NINJAnow. Pizzamoreh now books over 50% of their nightly orders through NINJAnow. Dunnenzies’s Pizza in Kelowna went public in February when they saw how international food delivery companies were taking a huge bite out of their revenue – they switched to NINJAnow and are so much happier with their lower fees.

“NINJAnow cares about us,” states Kelly O’Bryan’s owner Brad Shave. “They’re local and fantastic to deal with. They resolve issues immediately when we call. We’re acquiring new customers at a fraction of the cost through NINJAnow and Facebook advertising.”

With COVID closures, many restaurants need to provide deliveries – but how to find drivers? NINJAnow in West Kelowna has 36 drivers delivering around town every night, and 41 drivers in Kelowna. Restaurant owners like that NINJAnow charges their customers less than other delivery companies ($3 flat rate while others are charging up to 30% on every order). They are seeing more and more positive customer reviews because of the app being able to track the driver on their way.

Each diner placing an order on a restaurant’s website is kept separate from other competitive restaurants when ordering – this helps to build loyalty and repeat orders for restaurants. NINJAnow drivers are also available to the restaurant to deliver any orders they take over the phone –  local restaurants can focus their energy on getting more orders out the door rather than the time and expense of having to manage their own driver fleet.

NINJAnow acts as a consultant for small businesses from Vernon to West Kelowna to provide data and technical support to help restaurants analyze their performance and grow sales even further.

CEO and founder Cheryl Kerik has been in the delivery/dispatching industry for over 30 years. A new partnership with iNFOTEL MULTIMEDIA has helped her company to connect with many local restaurants that needed to rethink how to operate during the pandemic.

Since COVID-19 began impacting in-house dining across the province, NINJAnow drivers have been busy providing contactless delivery. Many small restaurants are benefitting from their 25 km delivery radius. Delivery areas now include Vernon, Kelowna, West Kelowna, Peachland, and Penticton (with plans for Kamloops). 

Mobile Orders are Up!

Diners are learning about more local Okanagan restaurants on their mobile phones. The NINJAnow app, available for iOS and Android, was updated this summer. A very popular feature allows customers to choose their pickup or delivery time. App downloads are growing fast – on Apple phones there was a 51% increase in July and another 62% increase in August. The Android is also growing in popularity, growing by 41% in July and 59% in August.

Find Your Favourite Restaurant on NINJAnow

In Kelowna and West Kelowna, just to name a few, NINJAnow is proud to be associated with Dunnenzies Pizza, Wings, Bamboo Chopsticks, Pizzamoreh, Everest, Wrapzone, Kaiso Sushi, and Kelly O'Bryan’s (NINJAnow is the only delivery platform that they promote on the Kelly O’Bryan’s website).

In Vernon, you’ll see the NINJAnow logo in popular restaurants such as the Curry Pot, Italian Kitchen, Farmhouse Pizza and Donair, Royal Garden, Squires Four Pub, Wok Now Express, and the Marten Brew Pub.

Support for the Community is part of our Mission

Since March, Okanagan hockey fans have not been able to enjoy and support local hockey in person, and revenues and concession fees have taken a big hit. To help with finances, NINJAnow and the Chiefs owner Jason Tansem are working together. The Chiefs bought a Mini-Cooper six weeks ago and branded it “Little Red”. This car is driven for NINJAnow deliveries by the players and their management team. They hope to raise $100/night on delivery charges and tips between now and March 2021. Kelowna residents can show their support for the Chiefs by placing their food orders exclusively with NINJAnow. 

In West Kelowna, NINJAnow is also supporting the Warriors (Junior A). They’ve partnered with the team to support the logistics of a fundraiser this fall -  the players will drive for NINJAnow and their delivery charges and tips will go to a local charity. Last April, a similar event with the Warriors and the Okanagan Food Bank was hugely popular with over 800 orders delivered (more than $7,000 was raised).

Don’t forget - Every Wednesday is Free Delivery on the App!

Keep More Money in your Pocket

Cheryl Kerik states, “The core benefit to restaurants and diners has always been the same – keep more money in your pocket.  We are proud of our one-on-one, 24x7 restaurant support. We are helping locally-owned Okanagan restaurants build their brands through our targeted advertising campaigns on social media. Diners appreciate the savings when they see our delivery fee is the lowest in the industry.”

If you own a restaurant, pub or liquor store and want to team up with NINJAnow, read more at on how to get started.


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