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It's time to bring cannabis growing indoors

Pacific Northwest Garden Supply in West Kelowna has the knowledge and all the products you need to start growing cannabis indoors this fall.
September 09, 2019 - 12:00 AM

It’s time to take your green thumb indoors, despite the September sun still shining some days.

Bringing your cannabis growing inside is something to start planning for as fall creeps in, and it doesn’t have to be a daunting or overly expensive undertaking.

Whether you’re growing from seed, or continuing to nurture established plants, getting familiar with inside growing and the equipment needed is important, explains Dallas Miller, manager of Pacific Northwest Garden Supply in West Kelowna.

“It’s a learning curve, but it’s something we want to help with.”

Miller suggests deciding on a budget first. It’s also often better and more cost effective to skip online purchases and instead talk to educated staff about what would work best for your situation.

Home growers are legal to grow as many as four plants per household, not per person, clarifies Miller.

A specified growing area is highly recommended as it can simplify the process. This space should be dedicated and can be a room, closet, spare room or growing tent. Not a great deal of space is needed for four plants. Keep in mind the size of the area the plants will need as they flower.

Keeping the growing environment clean is important to avoid pests and disease. Miller says controlling the lighting and temperature is vital to successful growth. It’s a good idea to choose the best lighting you can afford, according to Miller.

High intensity discharge lights are the industry standard and are popular because of their output, efficiency and value. They do cost more than incandescent or fluorescent lights, but are better producers of more light.

“You don’t want plants to get too hot. There are a multitude of options for bulbs depending on where you’re growing,” says Miller. The ideal temperature is between 70 – 85 degrees while the lights are on.

Keeping a close eye on your plants is important. Filters, particularly charcoal, will alleviate the smell, and fans will bring outside air into the growing area. “You want to try to control the environment as best as you can,” says Miller. Plants need fresh air to thrive and carbon dioxide is essential.

Growing mediums are equally important. Miller says peat is very forgiving toward the plants. Another option is using a hydroponic system. “We have gravity fed water systems, or even more advance systems.”

Fertilizers are essential to growing high quality cannabis flowers. The plants need nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and in smaller quantities calcium, magnesium, iron and copper.

“For first time growers we encourage going with a growing kit. We have four different kinds that will help people feel more confident. They will also give you an indication of how much fertilizer you will use,” explains Miller.

Helping customers every step of the way is important to Pacific Northwest Garden Supply. “We want every customer to feel confident about what they’re doing. We’ll even order products in, or order in bulk.”

Miller suggests new cannabis growers pick up a copy of the Growers Handbook by David Robinson. “It’s a very simple and factual book that will help you understand everything.”

Check out Pacific Northwest Garden Supply and their products and staff. Or, drop by the store at Unit C1 – 1810 Kyle Court.

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