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How are you communicating with your customers during COVID-19?

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March 23, 2020 - 3:00 PM

The global pandemic COVID-19 is affecting almost every part of the world and every type of business. Some businesses will do well during these times - such as manufacturers of hand sanitizer - but most businesses are already seeing a downturn in sales.  Businesses are having to make difficult decisions such as layoffs or closures. How businesses adapt to these new market conditions will have a significant impact once things have normalized. 

Changing business practices are all around us. Restaurants and bars are being asked to close, but they are adapting by promoting take-out orders. Companies are offering new products and services outside of their normal selection – a vacuum repair store is selling hand sanitizer and highly-effective cleaning wipes, pharmacies are expanding their prescription delivery areas, fitness centres are live-streaming their scheduled classes to keep their customers engaged, and social media companies are taking steps to increase the trust in the information that is offered on their platforms!

Even in a recession, people need products and services, and going online to search is the best way for customers to find what they need over the coming months.  With much of the population self-quarantined, we are already seeing an increase in online information-gathering and shopping.  Now is the time to get your brand in front of those people. 

Marketing during hard times may sound like an oxymoron, but it can help you maintain a steady cash flow through the hard times. One of the most effective strategies to drive new business today is search engine marketing. Search Engine Marketing (Google) is quick to get results as it produces leads that convert to sales.  Having a positive cashflow during these times will make the difference between companies declaring bankruptcy and those still in business and employing others. How are you getting your name out there?

Writing an article about your business is another great option: it’s called a “Business Spotlight”. It is featured on a news platform such as ours ( With over 1.5 Million Pageviews every 30 days, and recently increasing to over 100,000 per day as people search for information with trusted news sources, your story will be seen and read! Now that’s a lot of exposure. This is your chance to get your message heard by many locals. What sets your products and services apart from the competition?  (Note that this IS a Business Spotlight, and you’ve read it, and we appreciate it!) How is your company message changing during these difficult times?

We can also do a mini-audit of your website content, updating your site photos, creating videos and blogs, enhancing social interaction on your website, or guiding you on where you might invest a bit more in online advertising to see higher returns.  

If you are interested in working with an agency that will help you weather the storm, contact iNFOTEL MULTIMEDIA.



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