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Fruiticana Starts The Fruit Season

Fruiticana Kelowna for fresh produce and spices 7 days a week | A proud supporter of the Kelowna community
Image Credit: Fruiticana

Kelowna’s fruit season might only just be ramping up, but Fruiticana has loads of delicious fruit already in stock – like their famous Rajan mangoes!

Tony Singh, the founder and president of BC’s Fruiticana grocery chain, is so proud of his hand-selected Rajan brand mangoes that he named this delicious line of fruit after his son’s name ‘Rajan’. From orchard to you, Fruiticana meticulously manages their mangoes. The Haden variety of mangoes that are specially selected by Fruiticana come from Mexico, and the timing of their harvest means that they reach their perfect ripeness at a time when BC fruit is usually only just getting started. Even if our local fruit has not yet appeared, Fruiticana Grocery in Kelowna and all other Fruiticana locations are providing that fresh blast of Vitamin C that we are all craving.

The level of care that Fruiticana dedicates to their Rajan brand mangoes extends to all their produce. It can sometimes take years to forge the relationships which allow the field-to-cart freshness Fruiticana demands, but no effort is spared to ensure that their high-quality standards are met. Arundeep and Amandeep Heer, Store Operators of the Kelowna Fruiticana, tell us that while much of the produce they feature is locally sourced, Fruiticana also features those hard-to-find fruits and vegetables, like jackfruit, guava, Jamun, elephant yams and they have big lineup of different kind of squash which are not easily available at regular markets. Fruiticana provides all such items at all 24 locations across Western Canada.

Fruiticana Kelowna for fresh produce and spices 7 days a week | A proud supporter of the Kelowna community
Fruiticana Kelowna for fresh produce and spices 7 days a week | A proud supporter of the Kelowna community
Image Credit: Fruiticana

A company policy of care and attention to the products they offer is matched by the dedication that is shown to the communities they support, too. Arundeep beams with pride as he talks about this year’s Vaisakhi festival in Kelowna (an important Sikh harvest festival held in April), when Fruiticana gave away their refreshing cane juice and other thirst quenchers to happy celebrants. “We want to support the community,” Arundeep says. “We are happy to provide these items. Tony Singh always makes sure to provide to the local community. We want people to be excited by our quality and visit us every week!

Of course, as anyone who has already been to Fruiticana knows, the chain is about far more than just fruit and vegetables. Among the many items the Fruiticana store boasts are dozens of unique and exotic spices, several varieties of lentils, chickpeas, utensils for cooking and an entire aisle of pickles. Nuts are another staple found at the Fruiticana chain. Almonds and cashews are the most popular nuts that they sell, with bulk almonds consistently priced around $4.00 per pound generally.


While Fruiticana may be best known for hard-to-find spices, fresh fruit and vegetables, they also stock the fresh day to day staples that you would expect. Cucumbers, onions, apples, potatoes and traditional Okanagan-grown vegetables are plentiful, making Fruiticana a great one-stop shop for all your produce needs. Most of the regular groceries are available to shop. Savvy shoppers can save even more by watching for the unbeatable deals offered in the Fruiticana weekly flyer.

If you would like to learn more about Fruiticana’s 25 years history of supporting local farmers, and their generous philanthropy, follow this link to read about their homegrown heritage. To sample some of the fantastic fruit and produce for yourself, visit them at: #160-2463 Highway 97 North, Kelowna.

Arundeep and his loyal staff would love to answer any questions that you might have. “The customer response has been fantastic,” he says. “We carry many items for your favourite recipes, such as Australian lentils, fresh turmeric root, Indian gooseberries, guava fruits, fresh lychees and sugar cane.” For all inquiries, Fruiticana Kelowna can be reached at 250-448-7809. The Kelowna location is currently open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week.

If you are looking for great produce, spices and more – all at fantastic prices – Fruiticana is the place to go!

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