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Beyond Medications: Why Astral I.D.A. Pharmacy Stands Out in Personal Care

Pharmacist advising senior in pharmacy
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Dipak Patel, owner of Astral I.D.A. Pharmacy in Vernon BC is locally known for his attentive care to the customers who walk through his door. Being an independent I.D.A. pharmacy allows him to focus on personalized service, taking the time to connect with your doctor for special authority on various services, or if you have financial needs, he will work with you to find an alternate way to get your costs covered. If you have coverage, he can register you to the virtual clinic or with your doctor. Being an independent pharmacy allows them to work with all kinds of insurance. If you have no regular family doctor and need refills, Dipak or his supporting staff can connect you to a virtual care provider whom they have a contract with at a virtual care clinic. Patients can get phone appointments for the same day or next day based on physician availability and time of booking. It is a free service for BC residents covered by MSP. See more here:

The Benefits of I.D.A. Independent Pharmacies to Customers

I.D.A. Independent Pharmacies offer a multitude of benefits to customers. They provide personalized care, enabling pharmacists to develop deep, understanding relationships with their customers. This results in a more customized healthcare approach, tailored to individual needs. With their focus on local communities, these pharmacies often offer a broader range of services, including home deliveries, health consultations, and personalized medication packaging. Furthermore, the decision-making process at an independent pharmacy is quick and flexible, allowing for innovative solutions to meet customers' unique health demands. Therefore, I.D.A. Independent Pharmacies offer not just medications, but complete, customer-focused healthcare solutions.      


Compounding For Personalized Medicine

As an independent small pharmacy, Astral Pharmacy can focus directly on personal needs. Part of that customized service includes compounding services. What is compounding? Simply put, pharmaceutical compounding is the art and science of preparing customized medications to meet unique patient needs. This process involves altering, combining, or mixing active pharmaceutical ingredients to create a specific dosage form. Historically, all medications were compounded, however, with the advent of mass drug manufacturing, compounding diminished. It's now re-emerging due to the need for personalized medicine to cater to patients for whom ready-made, off-the-shelf drugs are not suitable, or when a specific formulation is unavailable commercially.

It’s Cold and Flu Season

Immunization during the cold and flu season is a crucial step in maintaining good health. Vaccination not only protects the individual, but also the wider community by reducing the spread of disease. Vaccines stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies, exactly like it would if you were exposed to the disease. After getting vaccinated, you develop immunity to that disease, without having to get the disease first. This is what makes vaccines such powerful medicine. Unlike most medicines, which treat or cure diseases, vaccines prevent them. Call Astral I.D.A. Pharmacy for a consultation on the vaccination you are interested in.

Pharmacist advising senior in pharmacy
Pharmacist advising senior in pharmacy
Image Credit: Adobe Stock

Pharmacists: Beyond Dispensing Medications, a Free-of-Charge Resource for Minor Ailments in BC

Pharmacists are trained healthcare professionals who possess a wealth of knowledge that extends beyond dispensing medications. They are equipped to assess and provide treatment for 21 minor ailments, including Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), allergies, conjunctivitis (also known as pink eye), and dermatitis. This service proves invaluable in relieving the burden on other healthcare providers and affords patients a convenient and immediate point of care. Notably, for residents of BC, this service is available free of charge when provided in person at a pharmacy, enhancing accessibility to quality healthcare for minor ailments.

Experience Personalized Pharmacy Care at Astral I.D.A. Pharmacy in Vernon BC

  • Immunizations and prescribed injections of prescribes medications
  • Travel consultations and vaccinations
  • New prescriptions and refills
  • Compounding
  • No markup on prescriptions
  • Free home delivery in Vernon and outskirts including Lavington, Armstrong, and Spallumcheen.
  • Free blister packaging

Read their five-star reviews as more proof that Astral I.D.A. Pharmacy goes above and beyond to provide quality health assistance to our community. Owner and pharmacist Dipak Patel demonstrates the kind, knowledgeable, caring attitude we all need when seeking health care. Call 250-541-1999 for more information or drop in to their store location at Fruit Union Plaza, 111-3101 Highway 6 in Vernon, BC.

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