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Azimuth has the right solar panels to put power at your fingertips

Now, more than ever, in the light of ongoing climate concerns, is the time to look skyward for the ultimate in clean energy — solar power. Kelowna’s Azimuth Solar Products Inc. is a locally owned business that specializes in off-grid solar and batteries, and they want you to know that there are lots of options available if you’re looking to go green.

Today’s solar panels are cheaper and better than before, thanks to big strides in design.

“The technology has been improved to get more power out of less space with higher quality absorption rates,” said Azimuth marketing manager Brook Harrison about the current status of solar. “You’re generating more power but spending way less than ever before to get it.”

Solar panels have changed, too — they’re no longer just the standard glass squares you see on houses.

“We have glass, but we also have flex panels and portable folding kits,” Harrison said.

The unique flexible panels Brook describes as “bullet proof” can be used on RVs, vans or anywhere solar needs to bend around corners. They’re lightweight, and easy to install. Folding panels come in briefcase or backpack styles and can be taken anywhere.

Azimuth opened in 2018 as a developer of a mobile solar power station that could be set up quickly to deal with emergency situations. Today their passion for solar has them exploring better battery chemistries, and helping customize solar systems for RVs, cabins, and off-grid homes.

“Right now, we’re finding that more and more people are living off the grid. Especially in rural areas where it sometimes gets very expensive to get regular electrical power connected, and it’s often unreliable,” said Shari McDowell, CEO. “Even my brother's winery is off the grid because it was too expensive to connect. His house is grid-tied but the winery is not.”

Winter is the right time to update your solar set-up before you want to take your rig out or go visit the cabin. Regardless of the customer's solar needs, Azimuth has the expertise and the products to provide a cost-effective, renewable energy solution.


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