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Why The Vernon Winter Carnival Matters

Vernon Winter Carnival kids with ice sabres
Image Credit: Vernon Winter Carnival

The Vernon Winter Carnival community is both honouring and remembering the vibrant life of Alvin Timms, affectionately known as "The Button Man" or "Mr. Carnival." Alvin was a living embodiment of the Carnival's core values—tradition, community, spirit, fun, and inclusion. He wasn't just a supporter; he was the beating heart of the Carnival, and his impact on the community has been immeasurable.

Since 1961, the Vernon Winter Carnival has been more than just an event; it's a testament to the enduring spirit of a tight-knit community. Alvin Timms embraced this spirit with a passion that spanned over six decades, and his unwavering love for the Carnival epitomized what it means to hold tradition dear. His jacket adorned with buttons and pins is a living, breathing timeline of Carnival history.

This month, as we mark the one-year anniversary of Kris Fuller’s appointment as the Executive Director of the Vernon Winter Carnival Society, she is deeply moved to reflect on the profound impact this event has had on our beloved community and city. The Vernon Winter Carnival holds a special place in the hearts of our residents.

Kris Fuller Executive Director
Kris Fuller Executive Director
Image Credit: Vernon Winter Carnival

“I was fortunate to meet Alvin last February," Fuller says, “and I’ll always remember the sparkle in his eyes as he walked into our office, wearing his iconic vest absolutely filled with buttons. He was such a kind man.”

Alvin Timms was not only a Carnival enthusiast during the event's 10-day spectacle but throughout the entire year. He was our unofficial ambassador, tirelessly promoting the Vernon Winter Carnival's spirit. His dedication to community was evident in the joy and love he spread, reaching the hearts of everyone he met.

When asked why The Vernon Winter Carnival matters, we can look to Alvin. We pride ourselves on being a beacon of joy, offering a unique winter experience that is accessible to all. Alvin Timms, with his ever-present smile and boundless enthusiasm, exemplified this value. At the core of our mission is the belief that festivals foster connection and strengthen the bonds that tie us together as a community. We host many Carnival events that bring us closer, break down barriers, and inspire conversations that lead to understanding, empathy, and friendship. It is through this celebration that we come to appreciate the diversity of our community, recognizing that our differences are what make us stronger.      

Alvin's collection of Carnival memorabilia spanned 63 years, a treasure trove of history that told the story of not just the Carnival but the community itself. In the past 4 weeks of November 2023, dedicated carnival volunteers have been lovingly sifting through his cherished items, ensuring that his legacy lives on, and his collection continues to inspire and educate. The Vernon Museum is thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase some of Alvin's items, preserving the Carnival's history for future generations. These artifacts are a testament to the deep connection between Alvin Timms and the Vernon Winter Carnival, and they will stand as a lasting tribute to his dedication.

Alvin Tribute
Alvin Tribute
Image Credit: Vernon Winter Carnival

As we prepare to celebrate the 2024 Vernon Winter Carnival, we do so with a profound appreciation for the enduring legacy of Alvin Timms. His life was a celebration of the Carnival's core values, and his memory will forever be intertwined with the spirit, tradition, and inclusiveness that define this beloved community event. This year’s theme is “Games”, and we know that Alvin will still be cheering us on, playing in spirit!

The organizing committee of the 2024 Vernon Winter Carnival would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the countless volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to make every festival a reality, as well as to the friends and family of Alvin Timm, who have shared in our joys and sorrows over the years. Their unwavering commitment to our cause and their enduring support are a testament to the enduring spirit of our community.

As we embark on another year of celebrations, we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. Our team at the Vernon Winter Carnival Society is committed to creating events that touch the hearts of our community and bring us closer together. We are dedicated to preserving and enhancing the spirit of our city's festivals, making them more meaningful and engaging with each passing year.

For more information about the February 2-11, 2024, Vernon Winter Carnival and how you can support this iconic event, please click

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