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Quiet Floors for Quiet Rooms – Lifestyle Trends for Healthy Living

Woman relaxing in quiet room
Image Credit: ADOBE STOCK

The next big trend in interior design is “quiet rooms” where you can be left undisturbed and rest. Quiet rooms improve people’s lives and mental attitude by providing a destressing environment to escape from our often highly stressful, noisy world.

Even inside the home, noise from appliances, game rooms and high traffic areas can leave us feeling maxed out, but the provision of a quiet room allows for a place to take some alone time when we need it. Leading interior decorators suggest keeping it well organized, without clutter, and painting the walls in soft colours for a chill-out ambience. Dial-down soft lighting is important for mood, making your room customizable depending on whether you want to read without eye strain or simply rest with your favourite beverage after a challenging day.

Man sleeps in quiet room
Man sleeps in quiet room
Image Credit: ADOBE STOCK

Quiet rooms boost productivity – an important factor, considering many entrepreneurs craft their products at home. Having a home office is now part of the norm, and taking steps to soundproof your work space into a quiet room aids concentration by removing distracting, unpleasant noise. Add a carpet, couch or lounge chair and your favourite house plant, and you’ll be ready to spend the day working and actually enjoy it.

Soundproof Your Flooring

Quiet flooring is one of the most effective measures you can take for relief from caustic noise pollution. It’s especially courteous to persons occupying the level below you. There are installation methods and new flooring materials available to help impact noise while keeping the natural beauty of hardwood. Heavy underlay is advantageous because the more mass it has, the more soundproofing it provides by absorbing sound. Acoustic sealant can be applied in the gap between the floor edge and wall for a soundproof barrier that limits noise transferring from the floor to the wall.

Consider carpet and a thick underlay for the interior peace of the room. Carpeting can be incredibly quiet, and soft to walk over, adding overall comfort for you to enjoy.

Man reading a book
Man reading a book
Image Credit: ADOBE STOCK

If you would like to explore new trends in flooring for quiet rooms, visit your local Vernon carpet and tile showroom. You’ll discover a stimulating gallery setting and knowledgeable staff with experience in soundproofing your floors so you can enjoy your own restful, private space.

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