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Preparing Your Home for Seasonal Changes – HVAC Systems

Preparing Your Home for Seasonal Changes – HVAC Systems

One common reason people call is that they’ve experienced trouble with their furnace. While many people seem to have a greater appreciation for their furnace when it is cold outside, the truth is that a furnace problem can occur any time of year.

Furnaces are susceptible to a wide variety of operational issues, especially if your unit is on the older side. When you contact us to solve your furnace problem, we will identify the cause of the problem and explain the options that are available to you. We passionately believe in providing the most affordable, most practical solutions to our valued clients, which is why our clients don’t hesitate to call us again when they have a heating or cooling issue in the future.

Tips to Keep Your Furnace Working Properly

Here are some of the most common problems that plague furnaces and what you can do about them:

Dirty Filters

The leading cause of furnace failure is a dirty filter. Depending on the model you have, your filter may have to be changed as often as every three months. If you do not change your filter often enough, it can become clogged and make your furnace work harder just to circulate air. If left unchanged, a dirty or clogged filter can major damage to the new high efficiency motors. To prevent the problems that stem from a dirty filter, change your filter regularly.

Lack of Maintenance

Just as routine maintenance can help prolong the life of your car, regular maintenance can also extend the working life of your furnace. You should schedule a Heating and Cooling inspection of your furnace at least once per year. This will enable a qualified technician to identify any existing issues that could lead to bigger, costlier problems down the line.

Wear and Tear

Furnaces work hard when it is cold outside. As a furnace continues to heat your living or workspace over the years, its parts experience inevitable wear and tear. If your furnace is old, it is important for you to have it inspected before the temperature drops.

Schedule your inspection at the beginning of fall instead of waiting for winter to arrive. By being proactive, you can avoid having to suffer through some chilly temperatures.

Air Conditioning Beats the Heat

From air conditioning to warm floors in the winter, mechanical building systems have improved in efficiency over time due to new technology. We’ve come a long way from the first modern electric AC unit invented in 1902. Parallel to climate change and seasonally high temperatures, the popularity of air conditioning for private homes continues to grow worldwide. For many areas like the sunny Okanagan, air conditioning is now considered a seasonal necessity as we build new homes throughout the valley and renovate heritage homes of vintage character.

There are several health effects of AC including the prevention of hyperthermia related problems with benefits beyond cooling, including air filtration (cleaning), humidification and disinfection. Studies continue on the use of ultraviolet (UV) germicidal irradiation lights used in HVAC systems. While intensity and dose are considerations, UV light is known to kill mold, fungus, bacteria and viruses, something to consider during our recent COVID crisis. 

Things you need to know about Freon

On January 1, 2020, the R-22 refrigerant used in air conditioners (commonly known as freon) became illegal to manufacture or import into North America. Freon was stated by the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) as an ozone depleting substance and in 1987, a phase-out strategy began. Puron is now used as the industry standard. This means that if you have older air conditioning equipment using Freon it is not recommended to be repaired if it has a refrigerant issue. This is something to watch for when purchasing a home, as these units are at the end of their lifespan and need to be replaced. Retrofitting old AC units with another refrigerant (“drop-in” solution) is not recommended, as they can cost as much or more than installing a new clean running system that uses Puron. This is because different refrigerants operate at different pressures and temperatures so they require parts that are designed for that specific refrigerant. In short, Puron cannot be used to replace Freon in a system.

Hot Water

Hot water is essential no matter the season, but hot water tanks have a lifespan like all equipment. Regular maintenance and replacement can save you a lot of money, especially when it comes to renovating damaged floors and walls caused by burst tanks. A lot of energy is used storing hot water, but tankless water heaters are now available in space saving designs. Heat pump water heaters offer twice the energy efficiency of a standard electric tank – a new technology that harnesses the heat in the surrounding air, concentrates it, then uses it to elevate the water temperature without high costs added to your budget.


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