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POULSEN: Or, I could be wrong...

Image Credit: Chuck Poulsen
June 18, 2015 - 8:19 AM

* Our senators have to move out of their offices for renovations. Quick, lock all the doors behind them!

* The Ottawa media has overloaded us with the saga of Omar Khadr. This happens when Ottawa journalists drink their own bath water, which is always. No one cares to have a daily bombardment of Khadr news. Wake me when it’s over, and Omar has been legally adopted by the CBC.

* Aside from a few coins I keep in my car for supermarket carts, I haven’t carried cash for a year. No problem. We are near the end of cash. Very near. What will the criminals do?

* Leaders of the G7 have agreed to a statement calling for “decarbonisation” by the end of the century. How exactly do you collect on a promise 85 years later?  Do you wake up this morning without some promise being fulfilled from 85 years ago, and shout: “You can’t do this! Mackenzie King promised me!”

* The failed attempt by Conservatives to force people to only smoke medical marijuana was beyond irrational. It’s a spiteful wickedness toward children who need it. Harper and his wrathful Health Minister Rona Abrose have come undone.

* Thomas Mulcair will be Canada’s next prime minister. The voters are mad as hell about the Senate and they won’t take it anymore. They haven’t been this mad since Pierre Trudeau’s National Energy Program, only this time it’s coast-to-coast. Mulcair is the only one telling people he’s mad as hell right along with them (even if he won’t actually be able to abolish the Senate).

* Kelowna taxpayers are becoming mad as hell at the latest overpriced contract for fire fighters, or “knights in shining armour” as they like to think of themselves. No one on Kelowna’s limp-wristed council has shown interest in being mad as hell with the taxpayers.

*If you tell people you drink instant coffee, they act as if you’ve insulted them.

* Private companies get unions because they deserve them. That’s why the current drive to certify WestJet employees won’t make it.

* An election campaign in Canada is usually 36 days. It looks like the current campaign now underway in the U.S. will be about 480 days. Look at it this way: By the time the election campaign in the U.S. finally ends on Nov. 8, 2016, about 3.8 million Americans will have died before they could vote.

* We don’t treat criminals with cruel and unusual punishment. But giving freedom to Allan Schoenborn is cruel and unusual punishment for Darcie Clarke, mother of three children Schoenborn murdered. The law didn’t release Schoenborn. Three members of a panel did this bad thing and they will continue with their nice lives, oblivious.

* Rachel Dolezal has stepped down from her position as president of the NAACP chapter in Spokane because she faked being black. She wasn’t the first. Remember John Howard Griffin, who had himself chemically turned black before touring the racially segregated south? His book, Black Like Me, was published in 1961 and was read by a lot of white kids like me, in Grade 10 at the time. It was an eye opener for white kids, a very important book.

* Go Chicago Blackhawks, the Stanley Cup champs. They have the best sports logo in the world. That’s uncontested, and even unprotested.

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