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BRAD PATTISON: Check your ego and come together to stop pet over-population

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January 17, 2016 - 8:40 AM

Renowned Kelowna dog behaviourist Brad Pattison thinks he has a better way to tackle pet overpopulation. He consented to reprinting his argument and call to action.


On this page is a photo of black bags  filled with dogs who have been put to sleep. The truth is they are not sleeping.

They have been killed.

Bin after bin of these dogs, some who had a home, others who roamed the streets — all dead. Before I go further, I want to be perfectly clear. The senseless death needs to end.

This is a wake up call to every single spay and neuter operation on this planet: Stop wasting time operating on male dogs. What are we doing when we pour so much resource into minimal short-term results? Are we barbaric? Are we stupid? No we are not.

The time is now to halt old methods and begin anew. We must learn from our old ways and adopt a new method to the over-population of dogs. ?The second photo I have included is when I sat with my private thoughts along side a highway and today I share what I was thinking. I sat upon the stoop with anger, frustration and hate. At that moment I wanted to rage war against the people who don't care. At that moment, I wept for the many senseless deaths.

For a long time, I sat and pondered why I was on this tropical island. I never visited the ocean once. I was wrapped up in trying to make a difference. This is not paradise, this is hell disguised as paradise. Every country has an ugly side when it comes to stray animals. This island was no different. As I stood up, I promised myself I would break the cycle of failure.

If you want to make a change, if you want to do what is right, if you feel empowered to be part of the shift to resolve the senseless deaths then contact me. I am on a mission to create a better method to save so many souls. My team is ready to act and we need your help. Time is now. Procrastinating will result in many more dogs having shorter lives. This is our wake up call. Ten years I have been in this pool of blood.

I will not do another ten years.

Image Credit: Contributed


Executing the "Pattison Spay Plan" requires timing, communication, team work. More of this will come at a later date.

Today is step one, education = awareness = action = execution. Let me explain. Feral domesticated dogs require capture of the female and depending upon the situation will depend on catch and release or adopt. Domesticated dogs should include spay and neutering.

Rescue groups need to set zones and borders, so we do not have cross over. Rescue groups must be empowered to work together, share resources, information and never compete with each other. Blaming government requires a grown up approach. From my experience I have heard from many dog catchers, government employees and they say one thing: Rescue groups are like snotty immature children, always fighting and back stabbing one another.

Rescue groups, I must say this: For the many I have met, I agree and it is an ugly label to wear. If you want to honestly do good, grow up and be professional. Once you prove to government you are professional, you will earn approval with them.

Check ego at your door. Leave it home and welcome change. I have witnessed far to many fights and power struggles among the people who want to help. The animal is the focus, not how good you look or what you have done.

Image Credit: Contributed

Lets look at this from a fresh view point. I have seen the good in many people helping the animals who cannot help themselves, or have never been given help. I have witnessed tears of joy. The amazing accomplishments of many people doing great wonderful things for the lost animals. You all care, You all risk injury. You all have something important to bring to the table. You have heart.

But heart is never enough, you know it! So you dig deeper and you bring ACTION. Yes action, you take the time, you buy the food, you drive far and wide to help one soul, one heartbeat, one living creature. You do this because you are human and you care!

Lets harness this desire of helping, caring and compassion with no ego, no anger. I am willing, my team is willing! We will go anywhere to help others.

Resolving the over-population is this generation's responsibility. Show the younger generations that actions speak louder than words. We can begin the process, we can shift the tide. Align with veterinarians, trainers, rescuers, animal control officers and government. We need everyone.

Reality check: Many dogs will not make this journey, many will perish at the cost of others. This number will be far lower than the present situation. Hard decisions will need to be made. Tough choices will equal celebration. Why? How, you ask? Tough choices will forecast the future, celebration will appear small and large. Celebration means we are making a difference.

The "Pattison spay plan” it is about our planet.

I have plans to resolve feral dog populations, feral/domesticated dog population and a few tuning tips to help the domesticated dog.

Next step is coming.

Are you in or are you out?

— Brad Pattison

Host of "At The End Of My Leash" and "Puppy SOS" TV Series'. Best Selling Author of "Brad Pattison UNLEASHED". Dog Behaviourist, Owner Of "HUSTLE UP"

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