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THOMPSON: Trump is a sorry excuse for a president

March 12, 2018 - 12:00 PM



I’m growing weary…and angry that most Trump supporters are Trump supporters regardless of the insanity and amoral behaviour in the White House. When will his blind-to-truth defenders look at what is happening and admit that Trump is a sorry excuse for a president…and maybe a sorrier excuse for a human being?

You can barely comprehend his latest moral hiccup before he doubles down on it…or veers off the freeway of decency and onto one of his favourite despicable off-ramps…misogyny, racism and self-love.

It says volumes about the people who stick by someone who lacks not only a moral compass but any natural curiosity…a defining element of intelligence. I laugh - in a sarcastic not a funny way - when I recall his promise to fill the White House with the “best of the best.”

Instead, the house where Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address and the Emancipation Proclamation, where Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered us from the Great Depression and a World War, where both John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan stared down Russia’s greatest Cold War threats…that house has become a studio for the world’s worst reality show.

A recent survey - done every four years - of 170 members of the American Political Science Association’s Presidents and Executive Politics section named Trump the worst president in American history…after just one year.

The White House needs a revolving door to accommodate his minions…too many people who lack qualifications…who lack decency…who cannot pass a routine FBI background check for a security clearance. Many of them…like Trump…lie like most of us breathe. We’re all known by the company we keep...and Trump has surrounded himself with a staff of flotsam and jetsam sycophants…people who willingly pledge greater loyalty to him than the U.S. Constitution.

Consider this fact: Donald Trump - were he not elected president - could not pass the FBI’s background check for a top secret security clearance. His own words and actions - including charges of sexual misconduct from 16 different women - would not allow him to even visit the Oval Office he now occupies.

Literally hundreds of top government positions remain unfilled in the Trump Administration.

What’s more, the temporary appointees who have been mere placeholders in 15 departments of the Federal government - from Commerce and State to Agriculture and Health & Human Services - have a time limit of 300 days…which is almost up.

There are too many instances of his repugnant behaviour to fit into a column of just 1,000 words. However, suffice it to say he rarely gets through a single day without doing or saying something absurdly inappropriate.

As bad as Trump is…and as much as I dislike him for lowering the Office of President to little more than a Trump-branded reality show…I cannot stomach most of his supporters…those in the White House who feed his insatiable ego…and ordinary citizens who look the other way as he shreds the fabric of America.

There are many good Republicans…why do they not stand up and demand better of the leader of their party? His actions and words are indefensible…and it’s long past time everyone admitted the truth. Donald Trump is unfit to be president.

The trolls who defend Trump are left with nothing but attacking those who question his fitness for office. Truth is as foreign to Trump as all the foreign languages he never learned to speak. His defenders don’t counter with facts…because they can’t…there are no facts that support Trump’s reckless disregard for the truth and his racist, misogynistic actions. Still, they are loyal to Trump at all costs…something he demands…and they foolishly give. He wants to be a dictator…but he would fail at that as well because he has neither the aptitude for work nor empathy for anyone other than himself. What he likes are parades…pomp and circumstance…people who grovel.

Most Republicans in the House and Senate…and virtually all in the hellish environment we call the White House…are modern-day Roman Emperor Neros. Even though the violin wasn’t invented when Nero reigned…there’s little doubt the emperor fiddled away his time as Rome was going up in flames. Republicans today are fiddling. At some point, we all have to wake up and fight the spreading fires that threaten democracy. It would be nice if Republicans dropped their fiddles and joined in the fight.

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