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THOMPSON: The second American civil war

July 23, 2018 - 12:00 PM



Today is September 21, 2019. The Second American Civil War - which broke out one year ago today - has claimed 12,240,124 American lives. That’s 20 times the number killed - in one-fourth the time - in the Civil War that ended slavery.

Most - men, women and children - have died in small skirmishes and guerrilla-style attacks in cities and towns nationwide. Nearly six million people of colour - African-Americans, Hispanics and Asian-Americans among others - have been killed by fellow Americans. More than one million people of Muslim faith have been killed.

This Civil War is being fought by members of so-called Red and Blue armies…well-armed civilians who shun recognizable uniforms but often slip on Red or Blue armbands as they attack. Anti-Trump Democrats and Independents have launched attacks, as well, though fewer Republicans or those assumed to be Republicans have been killed.

The war started two days after the release of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s report, which   
found that Donald Trump and 14 of his campaign and White House staff colluded with the Russians during the 2016 presidential election.

Also, the report showed that Trump and family members - Melania, Ivanka, Donald Jr, Eric and son-in-law Jared Kushner - conspired and participated in a wide variety of events that might have resulted in both impeachment for the president, and both criminal and civil charges against family members. Another 14 members of the Trump campaign or administration were indicted on conspiracy and obstruction of justice charges.

The next day - Sept. 22 - Trump issued Full Presidential Pardons for all, including himself, and accused the F.B.I., Department of Justice and the news media of “treasonous lies and conspiracy” in an attempt to undermine his Administration. Later that afternoon, Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions, as well as F.B.I. Director Christopher Wray.

Amid the turmoil in both the Senate and House of Representatives - the majority of Republicans refuse to stand up to Trump - and among Cabinet members and White House Staff, President Trump took to the air waves the following morning - Sept. 23 - asking his base of “true Americans” to do “whatever you deem necessary to protect your dreams and Make America Great Again.”

Within an hour, attacks on individuals and small groups of Democrats or those assumed to be Democrats killed nearly 2,000 people in mostly so-called Red states. Various state and local Democrat Party campaign offices, health clinics providing abortions, as well as universities and news rooms.

At noon, Trump again took to the airwaves and Twitter…declaring martial law. Further, he asserted that “real Americans” are simply defending themselves from the attacks of “Democrats in Blue states who are aiding and abetting terrorists and illegal aliens.” He appealed to members of his base to “get out your guns and ammo” and “be ready for the ongoing attacks by the Democrats, Blacks, Mexicans, and Muslims who seek to undermine America.”

That afternoon, as Commander-in-Chief, Trump fired more than two dozen Generals and Admirals in all branches of the military, and demanded loyalty from remaining officers because “he and he alone” could solve the problem for America. He then announced that his new title:  “Imperial Leader,” and gave himself “all additional powers necessary to rule America.”
Political Democrats and Independents who largely comprise the Blue Army began gathering weapons and ammunition, but the Red Army of Republicans and Trump supporters had an estimated four times as much firepower. Trump also disbanded most National Guard units  nationwide.

On October 1, 2018, Trump cancelled all national and local elections, including those for the House and Senate in every state, and re-named the Republican Party the Trump Party. Those “signing a loyalty oath to Trump” were awarded “special privileges as a patriot of the Trump Elite America Membership (TEAM).” Trump - using sweeping new powers he proclaimed for himself - outlawed the U.S. Supreme Court the following day.

One hundred thousand volunteers - Trump loyalists from the former U.S. Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force - became members of a special uniformed elite force designated “America’s Best” and called “Force Trump.” They are now stationed near the White House…re-named  “Trump House” last year after more than $350 Million in renovations.

Trump awarded special tax breaks to those who signed the “Trump Loyalty Oath” last year, then sold military weapons and ammunition to his followers. Most government agencies were dissolved, and Trump instituted a new 15 percent flat tax for all but those who earn more than $1 Million annually. Those people, he explained, “are the driving forces of the economy and should pay less…not more.”

Trump cited “the cleansing of America” as one of the many benefits of the current Civil War. He said, “Illegal immigration is over…and in fact, even legal immigrants and American citizens who never fit in here, are leaving America and going back to where they belong.”

Both interstate and intrastate travel is limited and often occurs in armed convoys. The economy has been crippled…with unemployment above 20 percent…and tens of thousands of businesses have ceased during the past year. Christianity has been named the official religion of America…though private practice of other religions is permitted for the time being.

Thus far, more than 34 million Americans and immigrants have sought asylum elsewhere, mostly in Canada, England, France, Spain and Italy…all former allies. There are only 276 million people in America now…and about 100,000 are leaving the U.S. every day for safer havens worldwide. The U.S. withdrew from NATO almost a year ago…and the remaining 28 members barely responded to Russia’s invasions of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Later today, in Washington, D.C., a parade honouring America’s Imperial Leader will pass 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, a new bullet- and bomb-proof wall and reviewing stand was built. The Trump House staff said Trump will be wearing his new uniform, adorned with medals honouring his achievements. Russian leader Vladimir Putin sent a large delegation and his warm “Congratulations.”


This is fiction, of course. But could it happen? After all, no one believed Trump could be elected president just a few years ago. Donald Trump has told more than 3,300 lies to Americans since being elected. Last week, he stood alongside the leader of America’s greatest adversary… Vladimir Putin…and took his word over the word of thousands of Americans who have sworn to protect America and its Constitution. Putin has something on Trump. I don’t know what…but it’s probably as dark and disgusting as I can imagine. I’m not a conspiracy theorist…but something is very wrong here. We’ll all soon know because Mueller will shine a light on this darkness. America must come to terms with what to do when a president betrays his own country. The remedy - clearly written for almost 231 years - is Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution. It’s impeachment…and there’s no joy in that. But until it’s done no one should think about singing America the Beautiful.

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