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THOMPSON: How Donald Trump will be remembered after US Election Day



Some things never change. After Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2016, he was most concerned that people thought Barack Obama drew a bigger inauguration crowd...which he did. Last week, during a “60 Minutes” interview with Lesley Stahl, Trump stormed out after she observed correctly, “You used to have bigger rallies!”

Trump doesn’t care about facts...whether something is true or false. He ONLY cares about looking good...or more accurately...not looking bad. It’s a not-so-subtle difference. It’s pretty difficult for him to look good at most any thing...that would require empathy, character, knowledge, a sense of doing the right thing. And he possesses none of those qualities

I’ll never forget my first encounter with Trump...40 years ago in New York City. Minutes after meeting him, he offered, “The best thing about getting even!” Revenge. It has been the Trump family unofficial motto and a guiding light for his entire life. Simply look at the record. What he’s done. What he’s said...the pain he has inflicted.

Those who know him - then and now - understand just how perverse his philosophy of life is. It’s no secret...his words and actions are a matter of public record. Once he hates you...every bit of his energy goes into revenge...even for the weakest perceived slight. He hates Barack Obama so much he has taken extraordinary pains to overturn, undo and rescind the previous president’s efforts...even though those actions benefitted hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Donald Trump is a little man. He might well be the most pathetic person I’ve ever known...and in 70 years...I’ve come to know a lot of folks. More and more people are distancing themselves from Trump as his presidency so many in business who abandoned him in the past. He has no old friends. He has a few people who were willing to sell their souls...people so desperate for God knows what...that they will kiss his ass and pretend that’s normal.

I don’t know what will happen to Donald Trump after he leaves the White House. I don’t care. If there’s a God or Karma or Angels or fate...I assume he or she or it will judge and deliver his just rewards. Of course, he will be judged elsewhere...on matters of courts of law. I imagine his attorneys will grow even wealthier...if they can stomach it. But, honestly, I simply don’t care. After January 20, 2021 - Joe Biden’s inauguration - nothing Trump says or does will garner my interest.

His legacy is unlike any president in history. He will likely end up the most hated man in America...and perhaps the world...for as long as he lives. He will be known for so many scurrilous acts...countless heartless statements...that Nixon will look like a saint along side Trump.

Mostly he will be known as the president responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans in a pandemic he didn’t just mishandle...his actions are criminal. Trump even had a plan on how to manage a pandemic...but it came from Obama...the man he hates most.

Trump will be reviled by anyone with a heart, mind and soul. That doesn’t speak well for the millions of Americans who - like him - still sing his praises. Trump lovers to their dying days simply won’t let facts and truths get in the way of their obtuse narratives.

I hope after tomorrow, millions more Americans will live in a better America...with a House, Senate, White House and Constitution protected by Democrats. All Americans will be better off. Joe Biden will be a good president...maybe great...because he knows something about legacies, too. More importantly, Biden cares about people...even those who aren’t like him...or didn’t vote for him.

He’ll prove it in actions...not lies and rhetoric. He’ll give Vice President Kamala Harris meaningful jobs because he’s been there...and she will prove her abilities. Biden realizes Harris and younger Democrats are America’s future.

Democrats will likely lead America for a long time...perhaps a generation. Why? Because Trump killed the Republican Party...though every member of the Republican Party aided and abetted that murder. It will take a long time for a Republican to earn enough respect from Americans to be given the keys to the White House. 

Soon voter suppression...cheating...intimidation...and corruption will exist as footnotes in the history of a failed Republican Party. Sad, indeed, because truly the best solutions happen with a diversity of ideas. Trump Republicans simply don't believe that.

Meanwhile, America has an opportunity for greatness. How ironic that Trump’s stolen Reagan slogan - “Make American Great Again” - finally has a chance of coming true...under a Biden presidency. Yeah, some things never change. But, thankfully, some things do...and just in the nick of time.

— Don Thompson, an American awaiting Canadian citizenship, lives in Vernon and in Florida. In a career that spans more than 40 years, Don has been a working journalist, a speechwriter and the CEO of an advertising and public relations firm. A passionate and compassionate man, he loves the written word as much as fine dinners with great wines.

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