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MANN: The day I became one of 'those people' I thought I'd never be

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August 10, 2017 - 12:09 PM

It’s not that I mind children on planes — because I don’t.

But I’m sure we all dread being seated next to some colicky infant or unruly toddler who will make our often long and expensive flights a little more challenging.

The endless screaming, the smell of poopie diapers and the kicks to the back of your seat — that’s the worst!

It makes you question whether you ever want to fly anywhere ever again.

You feel bad for the child, parents and yourself because there is no escape — the in-flight service can offer you a complimentary beverage but they can’t comfort an inconsolable, screaming child.


To those that had to endure my son’s screaming from Toronto to London, Ont., I deeply apologize.

That was the day I became one of ‘those people.’

I always thought to myself, “My children will never be like that. Why can’t people keep their children quiet?”

But sitting for long periods of time in a cramped seat with a bunch of strangers isn’t exactly fun for a little one. He was grumpy and tired and obviously I had unrealistic expectations of my babies on airplanes. 

It is yet another sobering reality that confronts you as a parent.

You have ridiculously naive ideas of what parenting is going to be like and then you realize it is not something that any baby book can prepare you for.

You inevitably end up breaking your own rules and even ignoring your own advice you bestow on other mothers… SO annoying.

For example:

You start letting your children watch TV because you just want five minutes to finish whatever the heck you want to finish (or start) even though you said you would NEVER let your children watch TV.

You change into your for-the-day clothes in the middle of the night so you are ready to go when your children wake up.

You say you will never hire a babysitter because you are such a pro parent who wants all of your children’s time and then realize that you are a better parent when you get a break once in awhile.

You start researching BPA-free and fidget spinners so you are up-to-date with the latest trends.

I could go on and on.

I used to scoff at those people and considered myself a professional when it came to how my children would be raised. I had all the answers and everyone else just didn’t measure up.

Everyone else had problems and I wasn't going to have any problems.

I was an idiot.

My son screamed for at least 15 minutes as we sat on the tarmac, awaiting takeoff. It didn’t end there.

I could feel a headache coming on and I knew it was a losing battle. I could sense the sympathetic eyes of the people behind me and I could see the heads of passengers shaking ahead of me, probably wishing that some baby would shut up.

Too bad they were on our flight.

Sometimes there is nothing you can do but let go, accept the fact that you don’t have all the answers and join ‘those people’ in a rousing game of life.

— Becky Mann is a 30-something, red haired, mother of two, trying to navigate this life as best she can. She enjoys talking to people and discovering their stories. Still trying to balance her personal and professional life, she juggles work and play. In her spare time Becky can be found visiting with friends, spending time with her family and saving time by reading while walking, She knows there is so much more to come and is looking forward to the continued adventure.

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