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West Kelowna council highlights for Aug. 13

Recycling Curbside Collection Changes
With new provincial regulations to the provincial Recycling Regulation of the Environmental Management Act which will see producers of packaging and printed paper becoming responsible for the collection, resident education, processing and recycling or disposal of the material, a new non-profit organization has formed called Multi Material British Columbia (MMBC). MMBC formed a residential stewardship plan for packaging and printed paper which has been approved by the Province. MMBC’s plan is intended to create a provincial recycling program including curbside recycling collection, recycling depot service, resident education and associated administration and is expected to be implemented by May 19, 2014. MMBC is offering financial incentives to qualified contractors, including RDCO and its member municipalities. Each of RDCO’s member municipalities, including West Kelowna, are eligible for incentives as they currently have contracts in place for recycling collection. West Kelowna Council agreed to accept the financial incentives being offered and enter into a contract with MMBC for a term that coincides with the current curbside collection.

Rose Valley Rezoning Application
Council gave first and second reading to an Official Community Plan Bylaw Amendment and Zoning Bylaw Amendment for Phase 11 of the Rose Valley neighbourhood. The proposed development is approximately 9 hectares in size and is located along the western boundary of the Rose Valley neighbourhood. The amendment applications are to change the land use designation from Single Family Residential to Low Density Multiple Family and to change the zoning from Rural 2 to Low Density Multiple Family. The amendments would allow the construction of a 69-unit multiple family residential development incorporating a range of structures from duplexes to five-plexes with 18 buildings. The applications will now be scheduled for public hearing.

Glencoe Road Rezoning Application
Council gave third reading to a Zoning Bylaw amendment for 3651 Glencoe Road to allow five agri-tourism campsites and a second residence for a full-time farm work on the 3.55 hectare property. The application was taken to public hearing on June 25. Council gave third reading and will schedule the application for final reading pending registration of the necessary legal documents on title to ensure that:
-  The accessory home is utilized only by the household of a full-time farm worker/foreman;
-  The accessary home will continue to be located generally within the current footprint of the existing picker’s cabin’ the agri-tourism campsites and parking area will be generally located in the northeastern portion of the subject property and that a landscape buffer, including solid fencing, is installed around the perimeter of the campsites.

Biosolids in WFN Community Forest
Council agreed to request more information from the Regional District of Central Okanagan (RDCO) regarding a proposal of Sylvis Environmental, a private environmental consulting company, to apply Class B biosolids originating from the Westside Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) onto lands within the WFN Community Forests located within the boundaries of West Kelowna watersheds. After receiving information from an expert from UBCO and DWK staff regarding potential impacts of biosolids in the McDougall Creek watershed and possibly Okanagan Lake, West Kelowna Council agreed to seek more information from the RDCO which operates the WWTP.

Gellatly Road Upgrades Update
Council received an update on the Gellatly Road Upgrade projects Phase 1 to 3. Over the last three years, the District of West Kelowna has completed significant improvements to the Gellatly Road corridor, which is heavily used by vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. Gellatly Bay is  one  of  West Kelowna's  most visited and valued destinations. Improvements to Gellatly Road and the parallel recreational corridor are among West Kelowna's top priorities because of their importance to the economy and tourism and their recreational and environmental values. Since 2010, approximately $5 million has been invested in modernizing and enhancing Gellatly Road and transforming it into a multiuse corridor. The District of West Kelowna received funding assistance from the Government of Canada, the Province of British Columbia, the Gellatly Bay Trails and Parks Society, and the development community. With the assistance from its funding partners, the District of West Kelowna has created a first-class destination that the community can take pride in and that will provide tourism and recreational benefits for decades to come. The next step is to complete design of Phase 4 which was recently awarded to Stantec Consulting Ltd. This project will include upgrades on Gellatly Road from Carrington Road to the intersection of Gellatly/Boucherie and will tie-in to the works being completed with Phase 3 of the project. Pending Council's approval, it is anticipated that the Gellatly Road Upgrade Phase 4 project could be ready for tender early in 2014.

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