Vernon theatre evacuated after structural damage discovered

Galaxy Cinemas shut down Tuesday night after a structural engineer deemed the theatre unsafe.
Image Credit: SOURCE/ Google Street View

VERNON — Movie-goers were ushered out of Galaxy Cinemas Tuesday around 6:30 p.m. after a potentially dangerous structure failure was found in the projection room.

Staff had seen fallen bricks earlier that morning, but the extent of the damage wasn't known until a structural engineer arrived that evening and ordered everyone out of the theatre.

"We closed as a precaution," says Cineplex spokesperson Pat Marshall. "The security of our staff and guests is paramount."

Marshall says the important thing is no one was injured. An assessment is underway this morning to see what needs to be done to reopen the theatre. It's expected that temporary supports will be will be put in place, allowing it to re-open Wednesday night.

Marshall says there are no films scheduled for the daytime anyway, so it's a perfect time to do the work.

"In another week or two, school will let out and we'll start showing movies earlier," she says.

Movie-goers can check film listings and cancellation alerts on the Cineplex website.

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