Use extreme caution on local roads and walkways

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WEST KELOWNA - A blast of winter followed by an expected rapid shift in weather patterns, have crews advising motorists and pedestrians to be cautious on local roads and walkways.

Reports from throughout the province show crews dealing with a multitude of conditions between higher and lower elevations including rain at lower elevations, freezing rain at mid-level altitudes and snow in the mountains. As the weather pattern shifts and elevations change, crews find themselves dealing with accidents and closures on the Coquihalla Highway and Highway 3, avalanche concerns on the Trans Canada and backed up storm drains as snow melts in the Fraser Valley.

While the City of West Kelowna is preparing for a shift in conditions, and crews are out in force, all efforts are at the mercy of weather. Drivers are advised to reduce speeds and leave lots of stopping room between vehicles. Motorists and pedestrians should expect slippery sections and the potential for black ice.

With a slight warming trend in the forecast, daytime and nighttime temperatures will also lead to a mixture of thawing and freezing over the weekend, adding to the likelihood of water pooling during the day and icy roads and sidewalks at night.

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In this old photo submitted by the City of Kelowna, the 1151 Sunset Drive location was added in editing. Other versions show the location veiled in green, as it is still under construction but not complete.
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