Music school says 11 fired in 13 years for sex misconduct

Georgina Wu, left, and Olivia Fryer are two of the dozens who amassed on Boylston Street on Monday, Nov. 13, 2017 after walkingout of classes Monday afternoon to protest alleged assaults and demanding that their school address sexual assault, abuse, and harassment complaints. They marched to a forum on the topic in the Berklee Performance Center. (Dina Rudick/Boston Globe via AP)

BOSTON - The president of a prestigious music school in Boston says 11 faculty members have been fired during the past 13 years for sexual assault and harassment.

The Boston Globe reports Berklee College of Music President Roger Brown apologized during a Monday forum to students who have been assaulted and pledged to "root out abusive behaviour."

The forum comes after the newspaper's investigation found Berklee has allowed three professors to quietly leave the school since 2008 after students complained the men had sexually harassed or assaulted them.

The investigation found several students reported being assaulted, groped or pressured into sex with teachers.

Students walked out of classes Monday to protest the alleged assaults. Hundreds marched to the performance centre where the campus forum was held.


Information from: The Boston Globe,

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