Pokemon Go Fest planners settle lawsuit with unhappy players

CHICAGO - The organizers of a Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago have settled a class-action lawsuit by dissatisfied attendees for about $1.6 million.

Last year's festival in Chicago's Grant Park went awry when technical glitches prevented many fans from logging on to the augmented reality game.

The problems forced game developer Niantic Inc. to issue a full refund for the $20 tickets and $100 in credits for use of the app. The game uses GPS to locate, capture, battle and train virtual creatures.

Plaintiff's attorney Tom Zimmerman says the settlement will cover a number of the festivalgoers' expenses, including travel, lodging, car rental, mileage and gas, tolls and parking.

The settlement must be reviewed and approved by a judge.

Niantic spokesman Chase Colasonno tells the Chicago Tribune the company has learned a lot about hosting such events since last summer.

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