Syrian Canadians express mixed reaction to U.S.-led airstrikes

A refugee camp on the Turkish-Syrian border.
Image Credit: Shutterstock

MONTREAL - Syrian Canadians are expressing mixed reactions to the U.S.-led airstrikes against Syria's government in retaliation for a suspected chemical-weapons attack.

Toronto resident Bayan Khatib says Friday's strikes are a good first step but there needs to be more sustained action to counter the regime.

She says too many governments are ignoring the atrocities in her home country, adding that she'd like to see Canada take more of a leadership role in ending the conflict.

While many Syrians may share her view, others say foreign agression isn't the answer.

In Montreal, a rally is planned for today to protest the launch of U.S., British and French strikes against Syrian targets.

Co-organizer Waseem Ramli says he's disappointed that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has voiced support for the actions.

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