Police: Motorist found dead in overturned vehicle in creek

MARION, N.Y. - State police say a motorist has been found dead inside his vehicle more than 15 hours after he crashed off a rural New York road and landed in a creek.

Troopers say they responded around 1 p.m. Monday to a report of a vehicle in a creek in the town of Marion, about 20 miles (32 kilometres) east of Rochester.

Troopers found a vehicle on its roof partially submerged in the stream. Police say the body of the lone male occupant of the vehicle was found inside. Troopers identified him Tuesday as 35-year-old Adam Vitalone, of Marion.

Troopers believe the crash occurred the previous night. A nearby resident reported hearing a loud noise around 10 p.m. Sunday but wasn't able to see anything.

Investigators believe snow may have been a factor in the crash.

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