Most viewed videos EVER on YouTube

Image Credit: YouTube

The world was a different place before YouTube.

You had to watch America's Funniest Videos to see a funny video and Much Music was the only place to see music videos.

It was on April 23, 2005 when YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim uploaded the first video. Now 6-billion hours of video are watched each month and 100 hours of new video are uploaded per minute.


Here's the video that started it all.

Me at the Zoo.



Here are the most popular videos of all time.

Gangnam Style has been watched over 1.9 billion times since it's release in the summer of 2012. Yep. Almost 2 billion view. It's number one.


Justin Bieber - Baby, featuring Ludacris


Jennifer Lopez - On the floor, featuring Pitbull


Charlie bit my finger


The Gummy Bear song


Il Pulcino Pio


Eminem - Love the way you lie, featuring Rihanna


LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock


Tootin’ bathtub babies

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