Morning in America? New U.S. political ad may feature B.C. city

A screenshot from the opening scene of Florida Senator Marco Rubio's campaign video.
Image Credit: YouTube screenshot

VANCOUVER - Does a new campaign ad by a Republican presidential hopeful mistake a classic Canadian skyline for an American locale?

Florida Senator Marco Rubio's campaign could not be reached for comment late Monday, but a new video supporting the candidate begins with what appears to be a brief waterfront shot of Vancouver.

The ad opens with a narrator saying "It's morning again in America" as two tugboats pass on a city waterfront, including one that appears to be flying a Canadian flag.

The ad criticizes U.S. President Barack Obama's economic record, saying more people are out of work than ever before and Americans are paying more in taxes than basic needs.

It states that the country is "vulnerable, divided and diminished than ever before" under Obama and Democratic contender Hillary Clinton.

Rubio's ad is reminiscent of a television ad from Ronald Regan's 1984 campaign, which began with the same "It's morning in America" slogan and a shot of a boat in a harbour.

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