Man in unicorn mask waving knife at Victoria cemetery part of 'funny video'

RCMP in Victoria responded to a man in a unicorn mask similar to this running around a cemetery waving a hunting knife on Sunday, Aug. 30, 2015.
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VICTORIA - A 911 caller in Victoria was adamant that he saw a unicorn chasing a screaming man through a cemetery on Sunday night, Aug. 30.

Police say officers responding to the emergency call found a man wearing a unicorn mask waving a large black hunting knife as an apparently terrified victim tried to get away.

They say the second man attempted to get into his vehicle when officers approached cautiously and issued commands for the masked man to drop his weapon.

Police soon learned the supposed attacker and his buddy were making what was meant to be a funny video.

The two men in their 30s apologized for the unintended impact of their actions.

No charges are being laid.

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