Man given one-year probation for having sex in stranger's Kelowna hot tub

A screen capture from security camera footage shows a man and woman in the homeowner's hot tub.
Image Credit: Global Okanagan (with permission)

KELOWNA - A man caught trespassing and having sex with a woman in a stranger's hot tub in Kelowna has been given a conditional discharge.

Noah McDonald, 18, pleaded guilty in court in Kelowna to mischief and trespassing.

He was sentenced last week to probation for one year and also ordered to pay a $100 victim surcharge.

A resident of a home near Okanagan Lake called police on May 25, 2016, about something recorded on a surveillance camera the previous night.

Police said the video showed a man and a woman sneaking into the backyard, peering into the windows of the home, drinking, smoking, climbing into the hot tub, "engaging in physical relations."

Sarah Clementi, 45, pleaded guilty in December to mischief and trespassing and was sentenced to one year probation, 20 hours of community service and fined $500. She also pleaded guilty to two drug possession charges and was sentenced to six days in jail.

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