Looking for a forever home; Kamloops SPCA pet of the week


KAMLOOPS - Juan Carlos is a handsome, big male who has had a hard time finding his forever home. He's been through three or four homes due to bad luck and owners moving.

Juan was adopted from the Kamloops & District BC SPCA, but was returned because he kept trying to escape and get outside. He's a friendly cat who will make a great companion. Juan loves to be pet and cuddled, and he is quite playful.

He is used to being an indoor and outdoor cat, so he will need a home where this can be provided as safely as possible. Enclosed outdoor "catios" are ideal because allowing cats to go outside puts them at risk.

Juan Carlos doesn't seem to appreciate other cats but may be alright with dogs if given space to get away and time to adjust.

Juan Carlos' Animal ID is 418015.

Visit the Kamloops Branch webpage for more information such as location, adoption fees, and hours of operation.

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