Input Needed Regarding Carriage Homes and Wildhorse Park Upgrades

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WEST KELOWNA - Carriage homes are currently being considered by the District of West Kelowna and input from the public is needed.

The community is asked to complete a short online survey at under Events & Meetings. The survey is open through to June 4. Input from the survey will help inform the process and Council’s deliberation on the matter later this year. Carriage homes are accessory buildings often constructed as second residences. These homes are found in several communities in B.C. including parts of Kelowna, Vernon and Penticton. This type of housing has been on West Kelowna’s radar as an item to consider since Council adopted its Official Community Plan three years ago; however, a comprehensive review of the municipality’s Zoning Bylaw had to be completed first.

While on the municipality’s website, residents may want to provide feedback on proposed improvements to the currently undeveloped Wildhorse Park, at the corner of Wildhorse Drive and Ironridge Road. Any plans to improve the property have been on hold until the adjacent school site is slated for development. With no school construction expected in the near future, Smith Creek residents approached Council about the possibility of some interim improvements. Council asked staff to consult the community and put together a plan for upgrades that could be phased in over one to ten years and still be compatible with long term plans to put a sports field on the site.

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