IN PICTURES: The tunnels and grounds of the former Tranquille Sanitarium

Posters show parts of the tunnel system not safe to enter.

KAMLOOPS - The Tranquille Tunnels tour is a mix of truth and urban legend and it truly is hard to tell exactly where fact meets fiction in the one-hour attraction.

It took many hours and thousands of dollars to get the space cleaned up and ready for people to safely visit and if owner Tim McLeod has his way, there will be even more invested as they continue to evolve the tour.

With plans to improve lighting, add video effects, pyrotechnics and even a few tricks borrowed from the Big Little Science Centre, the tour will remain family friendly while providing a slightly different experience from month to month.

On a media tour Thursday, led by a former employee at the old sanitarium before becoming a patient herself, not all the effects were  in place but McLeod assured everyone they will add to the sensory experience, something he knows is very important based on talks with the B.C. Wildlife Park, which is well known for the Halloween show it puts on every year.

The conditions are nearly pitch black for much of the tour and you are led by a small headlamp and flashlight, which heightens the experience—every little sound coming from down the halls is a mystery—while the stories of the people who once worked there or called it home offers a history lesson that makes you wonder 'what if?'

While it truly is difficult to explain in words or photos just what the tour is like without ruining the experience, the photos below should offer a glimpse into what you can expect.

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