Impressive showing at the CanAm International Long Track Competition

Image Credit: Kamloops Long Blades

Two members of the Kamloops Long Blades Speed Skating Club travelled to Calgary for for the CanAm International Long Track Competition.

Sylvie Lloyd and Martina Antifay raced in a field of 90 women, mainly from Canada and USA, with others from India, Colombia, Australia, Japan and New Zealand.

Sylvie’s best placement was in the 500 m with a new personal best of 43.47, placing her in 31st place, along with personal bests in the 1000 and 1500 metre races.

Martina’s best placement was also in her 500 m, with a 46.72 sec, putting her at 67th in her very first high level international competition. She also achieved personal best times in 1000 and 1500 metre races.

The Kamloops Long Blades are back on the road next weekend as they travel to Kelowna for the Kelowna Cup.

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