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How one school is trying to tighten up its dress code

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KAMLOOPS — If you think your school is strict, have a look at this draft dress code for a private school in Kamloops which explicitly says: No tie dye, no ‘bling’ on belts, no multiple pockets, solid colour socks only and no "whacky" hair.

This is what parents and high school students at St. Ann’s Academy in Kamloops are facing if a number of proposed revisions to the dress code are approved. While students in Grades 1 through 7 are expected to wear uniforms, high school students are given just a little more freedom. The academy currently has one dress code for both boys and girls but a new draft anticipates separating the dress code by gender. The school refused to share their proposed dress codes so we haven't seen the boys version. Infonews.ca did obtain a copy of the girls' code which says graphics, pictures or tie-dye will not be allowed on shirts and hoodies will not be allowed at all.

"Tops cannot be see-through, revealing, have lace, have bulging buttons, be skin-tight, ripped or frayed," the proposed code says.

Then it moves on to hair.

“Dreadlocks or any whacky-outrageous hair styles not permitted,” reads one of the proposed rules for hair, while another focuses on colour.

“Hair colour, including highlights, must be within the following spectrum of colour; natural shades of blonde, black, auburn-red and brunette.”

Girls are expressly told to do various tests before going to school. The 'mirror-test' requires students to bend forward in front of a mirror before school to ensure their chest area is not easily viewed. They would also be required to do a ‘reach test’ to make sure both the cleavage and midriff are covered. The 'three finger self-check’ goes around the collar to ensure the collar line is appropriate.

Pants and shorts can't be cargo, jeans, leather or athletic. No holes or multiple pockets will be allowed on pants. Outside of gym, athletic shoes will not be allowed either. Socks must be a solid colour and the acceptable length of skirts and dresses will need to meet the knee instead of the current minimum length of four inches above the kneecap.

At another private school in the city, Kamloops Christian School, the rules are a bit more relaxed. Students are expected to dress cleanly, neatly and modestly. Hair is to be kept clean, groomed and out of the eyes, as well as a natural colour.

The public schools in the region are allowed to create separate dress codes, within the guidelines set out by the district. For the most part, guidelines are very similar to Kamloops Christian School and simply ask that clothes are free images or sayings that are vulgar or disrespectful and that underwear not be visible. Some schools have gone as far as saying shirts must touch the top of the pants, cannot be see-through and must have an appropriate neckline with two straps. Bottoms must be no shorter than mid-thigh with no holes and pajamas are not permitted.

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