Help return Okanagan dogs to their owners

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With two simple steps Central Okanagan dog owners can make it easier to reunite stray dogs. 

The first step is to ensure their dog is licensed and that it’s wearing its license tag.

“Three quarters of the dogs that are reported lost to dog control, or are turned into the pound come in with a license and as a result, can be speedily returned to their owners,” communications officer Bruce Smith says. “While that’s great news, what’s concerning is the 25% of dogs that come in without a license tag. That slows down or in some cases prohibits the return of the dog to the owner.”

One of the benefits of having a license is that if your dog does get away and is reported, the license provides a one-time free ticket home without any additional charges. Smith says, “If someone finds a dog and reports it to dog control, we may be able to facilitate a return to the owner without a stay in the pound.”

“The second thing that dog owners can do to help speed the return of their lost pet is to report it to our dog control staff as soon as possible after the dog disappears,” Smith adds. “The number is 250-469-6284 or email Since the start of the year, we’ve had a number of dogs at the pound without any identification and no report from their owner until a week or more after the dog was impounded. The Responsible Dog Ownership Bylaw requires the Regional District to keep a dog for 72 hours then it becomes the property of the regional district transferred for adoption.”

“It’s unfortunate,” Smith says, “Because our goal is to get dogs back to their owners as soon as possible. That’s why we’re asking dog owners to help by ensuring their dog is wearing its license tag and that they quickly report it when it is lost.”

Dog licenses may be purchased online at or in person at the Regional District office (1450 KLO Rd.), the Regional Dog Pound (890 Weddell Pl.), any local government office or the Kelowna branch of the SPCA.

There’s plenty of information available about dog licensing and responsible dog wwnership in the Central Okanagan. Check out for information about the regional dog service and what to do if you lose or find a dog.

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