Greek police arrest driver of van packed with 50 refugees

THESSALONIKI, Greece - Police in Greece say a 30-year-old man was arrested for allegedly for trying to smuggle 50 people from the Mideast into the country in his van.

Police said the van was spotted on a highway near the Greece-Turkey border on Saturday, but sped off when officers signalled for the driver to stop. A chase ensued before the van was brought to a halt.

Inside the vehicle, officers found men, women and children — 30 from Syria, 19 from Iraq and one from Afghanistan.

Police said Sunday that the refugees paid 1,500 euros ($1,742) each to be transported into Greece.

The driver has been charged with endangering the lives of his passengers, who had to stand in the tightly packed van.

Police said another man was caught Saturday transporting 10 Afghans.

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