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ELECTIONS 2014: Candidates discuss downtown parking


KAMLOOPS - There is a lot of information to sort through as we head into elections, so we decided to make the candidates answer a series of five questions as directly as possible, and in as few characters as possible.

This is number four in the five-part series. The proposed Ajax Mine, taxes and a performing arts centre have already been covered. Today they talk about downtown parking.

Candidates were not given any direction on how to answer, other than it had to be in Twitter format, 140 characters or less, and in no more than a series of five ‘tweets’.

Every candidate responded except mayoral candidate Ben James and city council candidate Reo Rocheleau. Their unedited answers are in alphabetical order below.


Pierre Filisetti: Are people being truly honest about this issue? Do them all expect to be able to park next to their intended destinations at all times?; The new kiosk issue is another example of very poor forethought on the part of the city and the downtown merchants; The downtown merchants nodded in tacit approval for the kiosks even when city’s managers were being actively warned about drawbacks

Peter Milobar: need is very real to increase parking to fill empty 2nd floor and up office space and store front spaces  

Dallas Paisley: DOWNTOWN PARKING METERS WILL BE REMOVED ASAP going back to chalk warning; First come first served; Underground parking will be built in as many locations as possible.


Nancy Bepple: City Council needs to continue to work with downtown businesses to find solutions for parking…; Short term, that includes improving the parking kiosks, longer term a parkade; Parking is only one of the solutions.; Providing increased transit and biking infrastructure will also help by reducing the number of car trips to the downtown.
Donovan Cavers: I support diversifying our transportation system to give people a variety of safe options. I did not support the new parking system.

Ken Christian: Only partially solved. More work needed on the employee parking front so retail and office space becomes more viable

Nelly Dever: support KDN building becoming a P3 for a multi-purpose building and parkade – RIH addition will be welcomed with big smiles

Bob Dieno: need a parkade and a review of the current meters as many people do not like them.

Dieter Dudy: Create incentive to park further from downtown core by reducing rates in those areas, incorporate parkade with other projects ie Arts centre.

Annette Glover: An urban density business plan for underground parking with 2 floors commercial and office space with more parking above depending on costs…

Jenny Green: Explore integration of parking with proposed performing arts centre.

Brad Harrison: Possible parkade under the new Performing Arts Centre. Don’t buy any more high-tech meters that cause angst for many users.

Tanja Hasler: Must be addressed – we need both the implementation of a new parking solution
and an improvement to the parking meters situation.
Glenn Hilke: Downtown parking free weekends and business, chamber & biz associations host special free weekday & city provide free bus service from…

Peter Kerek: Reduce parking demands by improving transit options: bus,handy-dart,car-share,car pool,motorbike,cycling. Fewer cars downtown is better.

Tina Lange: We need more employee parking. I park on Seymour St. & always get a spot 
Dustin McIntyre: Downtown parking continues to get worse instead of better, we need it desperately, not only for our businesses, but the consumers too

Andrew Miller: Parking in downtown Kamloops is atrocious and the city wants to focus on infill and densification of the downtown core.; There is no parking for the businesses that are there, and yet there are empty streets from St Paul on up to Battle throughout the day.; Why not sell parking spaces on those streets that are mostly vacant?  IMPARK does on their Lots, why not consider this as another revenue…; Parking meters have been a debacle since they were installed. They are difficult to use, and the screens are very hard to read.; Why did we have to replace the existing infrastructure? Again I must question the decisions of our city staff, mayor, and councillors.

Daphane Nelson: Potential component of multi-use performing arts centre.

Mike O’Reilly: The biggest problem preventing the growth of the downtown core. We need a parkade if we want the downtown to survive

Andy Philpot: Need a parkade, also promote alternative green transport, expand and improve public transit service

Cheryl Phippen: Examine successful approaches used elsewhere – parkades, angle parking, pedestrian-only streets, bike lanes, enhanced public transit.

Alexandra Proctor: I saw nothing wrong with the old simple meters - but these ones are here now #whatsdoneisdone so we best learn to use them and step forward.

Peter Sharp: Parking is a problem for visitors, shoppers & those working downtown. The city should bear the cost of a much needed downtown parkade.

Arjun Singh: Downtown parking kiosks need improving. Support other dtn parking solutions - rate increase, extra hour avlbity, pay by license. #kamloops

Bernadette Siracky: Priority

Marg Spina: Downtown parking- necessary to sustain vibrant downtown, new meters need review

Glen Thompson: Vernon Burnaby & Richmond got rid of this type of parking meter why did the city think they would work here?

Pat Wallace: I believe it is unfortunate that misinformation was put forward with respect to an underground parking facility on Lorne St.; This facility would not obliterate any views, no structure would be visible and there was a waiting list to occupy one full floor.; This facility would have freed up parking spaces behind Interior Savings Building, would have been safe and helped to resolve parking issues; No one was forced to park there.; There are new parking opportunities - 3 hours as asked for - opportunity to move one's car several times until money and time expires…
Denis Walsh: A complete debacle. Council did not do their homework on this proposal.; Research would of told Council to do a pilot project first. Basic precautionary principal. 

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