Central Okanagan receives Federal Gas Tax Fund contribution for Regional Strategic Transportation Plan

Image Credit: Regional District Central Okanagan

CENTRAL OKANAGAN - The Regional District of Central Okanagan is receiving significant funding from the Federal Gas Tax Strategic Priorities Fund. 

The $600,000 grant will be used to create a Regional Strategic Transportation Plan, which will be a key component of the Sustainable Transportation Partnership of the Central Okanagan initiative on behalf of all local governments in the Central Okanagan.

It’s envisioned that the Regional Strategic Transportation Plan will tie together various elements of transportation planning from across the region.  In essence, it will become a blueprint outlining the goals and objectives for achieving the ideal regional transportation outcome for the Central Okanagan.

“This federal Gas Tax funding is incredible news for our region. It’ll go a long way in helping to improve our transportation system by identifying transportation needs, making our region more sustainable. This will help enhance the quality of life for all citizens in the Central Okanagan by better connecting our communities and will make it easier for residents to move from one part of the region to another," Regional Board Chair Gail Given says.

It’s anticipated this project will begin in the fall 2016 and the plan will be completed by fall 2018.

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