Burning fire hazard debris today

KELOWNA - With good air quality and venting conditions today (Monday, March 23, 2015) the Regional District of Central Okanagan advises controlled burning is underway in Rose Valley Regional Park off Pettman and Bowes Roads.

This is to dispose of fire hazard debris collected as part of a multi-year B.C. Wildfire Management Branch fire hazard mitigation program on a ten-hectare section in the northern portion of the regional park.

Open burning is allowed today for those eligible Central Okanagan property owners with permits from their local fire authority.  All local fire departments and local media have been advised of today’s activity in the park and will be notified if further burning takes place.

A Regional Parks fire fuel management project is getting underway along a four kilometer section of trail in Trepanier Creek Greenway Regional Park.   Visitors may encounter temporary trail closures as crews fall hazard trees that were damaged or destroyed by the 2012 wildfire.  It is anticipated collected debris piles will be removed through controlled burning later this year in an effort to reduce the fire hazard threat.

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