Booze sales in grocery stores, alcohol variety at sporting events coming to B.C.

VANCOUVER - The B.C. government has announced its support for all 73 recommendations in a report aimed at overhauling the province's liquor laws, including the sale of alcohol in grocery stores.

Attorney General Suzanne Anton says new rules will allow kids into pubs and do away with fences around beer gardens so parents can stay with their family while drinking.

Policy changes will also allow fans at sporting events to be served drinks other than beer no matter where they are seated, not just private boxes or premium seats as is currently the case at hockey games.

Instead of just beer, wine, cider and coolers will be allowed at events such as music festivals, with a streamlined licensing process that will be part of the upcoming legislation.

The hotel industry will benefit when the government extends the hours that guests can receive liquor through room service and also be allowed to take alcoholic beverages from the bar to their room.

John Yap, the parliamentary secretary for liquor policy reform, says new legislation will spur economic growth and address calls for consumer convenience.

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