B.C. unions continue push for $15 minimum wage with march in Victoria

Image Credit: shutterstock.com

VICTORIA - British Columbia's labour movement says it will continue to push for a $15 minimum wage even after the government introduced a 20-cent increase and a policy linking future hikes to inflation.

Members of the BC Federation of Labour and the BC Teachers' Federation marched through downtown Victoria saying last week's increase to $10.45 an hour isn't good enough.

BC Federation of Labour president Irene Lanzinger says it's pathetic because it won't help people pay bills and buy food.

BCTF president Jim Iker says raising the minimum wage to $15 a hour could stimulate economic growth by giving workers more money to spend.

Lanzinger says the west coast U.S. city of Seattle recently voted to phase in a $15 minimum wage.

Shop manager Melissa Corbin, who makes less than $15 an hour and would like more money, says the number of vacant stores in the city suggests retailers can't afford higher wages.

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