B.C. serves up happy hour changes to set price minimums for pitchers

Image Credit: istockphoto.com

VICTORIA - Justice Minister Suzanne Anton says she's taking her second shot at putting the happy back in happy hour in British Columbia.

Bar owners and some drinkers complained the Liberal government got the mix wrong when changing some of the rules to allow for cheaper drinks during happy hours.

Some bar owners complained prices actually had to be increased to meet government serving minimums.

Anton says the government's latest attempt to please drinkers and bar owners is a new price category for pitchers of draft beer and cider that drops the minimum price for a jug of draft beer to $12 from $15.

Anton says the minimum price for 50-ounce or above jugs of draft and cider includes a new minimum price of 20-cents an ounce, while hardball liquor drinks will be $3 an ounce minimum.

The happy hour prices are part of the government's plan to modernize B.C.'s alcohol laws while continuing to protect health and safety.

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