B.C. desert mayor urges new thinking on water use across the province

Could you take a three minute shower? Osoyoos mayor Sue McKortoff says she does.
Image Credit: Shutterstock

OSOYOOS - Could you take a three-minute shower?

The mayor of a desert town in British Columbia says people across the province need to develop a different mindset over water use in the face of current drought-like conditions.

Osoyoos Mayor Sue McKortoff says she's been watching the situation in Metro Vancouver, where cities and municipalities have enacted strict rules on water use because to dropping reservoir levels.

She says while the media is getting the message out to residents on how to cut back, people must still develop a different mindset and become aware of what they're actually using.

McKortoff — who often takes a three-minute shower — says people need to pay attention to how much water it takes to flush toilets, wash clothes, run dishwashers and brush teeth.

Osoyoos is surrounded by the south Okanagan's Great-Basin Desert with orchards, vineyards, and home to western rattlesnakes and wind scorpions.

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