B.C. allows gender X on ID for people don't identify as male or female

Image Credit: Sharon McCutcheon via PEXELS

VICTORIA - People who consider themselves neither male nor female now have the right to use an X to designate their gender on British Columbia-issued identification including a driver's licence, birth certificate, identity card and BC Services card.

The ministries of Health, Attorney General and Citizens Services say they have worked together on changes to government documents as a way to respect issues of gender identity.

Attorney General David Eby says in a news release a lack of an alternative for people who do not identify with the male or female designation has resulted in cases that were being considered at the Human Rights Tribunal.

Gwen Haworth, a member of the trans community and project manager for Trans Care BC, says in a statement having identification documents that reflect who they are positively affects access to services, such as education, employment and housing.

People born in B.C. can change their gender designation on an identity document by submitting a Change of Gender Designation application, along with a copy of their doctor's or psychologist's confirmation form, to the Vital Statistics Agency.

Those who were born outside of B.C. but are now residents of the province can submit a BC Services Card Change of Gender Designation application, with a copy of a doctor or psychologist's confirmation form, to Health Insurance B.C.

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