Pima County stadium district RV surcharge to end on Jan. 1

TUCSON, Ariz. - Pima County authorities say the 50-cent recreational vehicle space surcharge implemented in 1997 for a sports complex will be ending on Jan. 1.

The county imposed the surcharge to repay the construction debt for the Kino Sports Complex facilities.

Because the complex will be fully paid off at the end of this calendar year, the county is required by state law to stop collecting the surcharge.

The surcharge generated about $161,000 last fiscal year.

A $3.50 fee on car rental contracts that also was used to pay for the stadium will remain in effect.

The county intends to use revenue from the rental car fee to pay for the sports complex's expansion on the south side of Interstate 10.

Construction of the first phase will begin in spring 2018.

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