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Lifestyle News

  • RIGHT AT HOME: Preparing a swoon-worthy vacation rental

    If you're thinking of listing your home as a vacation rental, have a listen to what travellers say makes a space inviting and welcoming, and what's a turnoff.
  • ASK A DESIGNER: Choosing the right rug for the room

    A warm, cozy rug can make a room look and feel more appealing on even the chilliest fall night. And the right rug can be a source of comfort year-round.
  • Easy steps toward making your home safer for those with allergies

    Although the thought of sleeping with millions of dust mites — microscopic arachnids that feast on flakes of skin — is just plain gross, it's something most people can handle without worry. After all, our bodies are inhabited by multitudes of bacteria, to which we seldom give a thought.

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