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Sunday 01-Sep-2019 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


McDonald Park
McDonald Park, BC

Event Description

DONATE ONLINE: McDonald Park is the heart of our neighbourhood, and over the past few years, the former pool change room and washroom buildings have become a magnet for undesirable activities including drug use, prostitution and vandalism. Our community has a sense of pride and ownership of the park and is not willing to let it be overrun by negative forces. We would like to maintain the quality of the park as a fun, family friendly place for residents and visitors alike. The beautification of the change room and bathroom buildings through interactive and educational murals will be a positive addition to the park and neighbourhood while also supporting the arts community. Local mural artist Kelly Wright has been commissioned to design and paint the murals with the theme of Kamloops wildlife and native bees. Kelly's work can be seen on numerous murals downtown. In order to complete the murals this upcoming September, the McDonald Park Neighbourhood Association is looking for support from fellow Kamloopsians to make this project a reality. We need to raise $20,000 in total for this project. Half of these funds will be raised through grants and corporate sponsorship while the remaining $10,000 will be through online and event fundraisers. This is an entirely community driven initiative and we'd greatly appreciate your support! DONATE ONLINE: Special thanks to the City of Kamloops for approving this project and providing funding via the Community Art Grant.

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