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Saturday 13-Jul-2019 5:00 PM - 11:45 PM


Muninn’s Post
575 Bernard Ave Phone Number: (778) 478-7010

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All Ages Permitted, But Content is PG-16. Early show: DOORS @ 6:00 SHOW @ 6:30 tickets: Day one flash sale 10$ - Early bird 15$ - Advanced 20$ - Door 25$ Late show: DOORS @ 9:00 SHOW @ 9:30 tickets: Advanced 20$ - Door 25$ -- Seating is first come first serve -- Much Excite! Hot Sell! So Amaze! Freida Whales and Jenna Telz are teaming up to bring you an evening of sweet transvestism and internet history. Enter meme queens! A show where we dive deep into the viral waters of modern communication to bring you some of the best masterpieces ever to grace your screen, live! Please feed the animals, Drag Queens appreciate your tips! We are bringing the lovely gen Z Valerie Rose (the poor girl never had dial-up) to join in on the fun. Music Provided by the master of beats himself Dj Decanus! From Vancouver we have the legendary Lea Ven Detta coming!

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