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Saturday 14-Sep-2019 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


The Art We Are
246 Victoria St Kamloops BC Phone Number: (250) 828-7998

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Daughter of the Moon At The Art We Are Saturday, September 14, Time TBD Daughter of the Moon is a dream/folk songstress who moves around the world with her guitar, turning her experiences into songs. Her live performance of voice & acoustic guitar have been described as haunting, yet healing and her songs, sweet and melancholic. Her sound is inspired by the likes of Mazzy Star, Norah Jones & The Staves. Daughter Of the Moon's latest collection of 6 songs, Sweetness In the Shadows blends Natalie’s ethereal voice & folk guitar sounds with Shane Stephenson’s of LP Recordings' cinematic and electronic influence. The EP marks a personal milestone for Daughter of the Moon, coming out as a member of the LGBTQUIA+ community in songs “Women Who Love Women” and “Love is love”. Her songs serve as a window into the injustice felt when we are made to hide from our inner truth and the shamelessness that comes when we can truly own the respect that we deserve. Wildflowers- Live l Sofar Vancouver: Hummingbird and the Wolf- Live:

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