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Friday 14-Feb-2020 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM


Venables Theatre
6100 Gala Street, Oliver, BC Phone Number: (250) 498-1626

Event Description

Just when politics has lost its sense of humour, in rides Billie Dawn on a breath of fresh air. Her smarts are buried under layers of satin and showgirl sass but are highly combustible. It's 1946 when crude and shady junk czar, Harry Brock, heads to Washington, determined to buy his way to a business-friendly amendment with help from his bitter, corrupt lawyer and a meek senator. Brock’s only liability is the socially-inappropriate behaviour and outrageously ignorant remarks of his showgirl lady friend, Billie Dawn, a beautiful woman with a deceptively simple facade. Charmed by Paul Verrall, the investigative reporter who is sent to interview him, Brock hires the idealistic news man to educate Billie, hoping she will acquire enough social polish to prevent embarrassment. Little does Brock realize that beneath her ignorance and apathy, Billie is an intelligent woman with a strong sense of right and wrong, who just needed a kind and patient teacher to blossom into an empowered and informed person. As Billie and Paul tiptoe towards a romance, and Billie absorbs Paul’s knowledge and ideals, she begins to question the ways Brock has been using her. ?In this pointed and hilarious story, personal and political oppression is exposed and outwitted in the intellectual rebirth of the iconic “dumb blonde”, who ultimately stands up to Brock’s corruption and violent intimidation.? Although written and set in 1946, this remains a timely parody of politics and perceptions in today’s society. Suitable for ages 13 and older. See for full show details. Ticket Prices: Adults: $25 /person on the day of the show $23 /person purchased in advance $19 /person for groups of 10 or more to any one show (Use promo code GROUP) Students (with Student ID): $15 per person on the day of the show $13 per person purchased in advance Multi-show Savings: $21 /person/show when buying tickets for two SOAP shows ??To purchase on-line, use the link below. If you prefer to buy in person, the ticket office, located at 6100 Gala Street in Oliver, is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. You can also buy by phone at 250-498-1626 during the same office hours. Planning a group outing for your friends or for your office? Discounts are available for groups of 10 or more. Use Promo Code "GROUP" online or you can visit or call the Venables Theatre ticket office at 250-498-1626.

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