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Friday 06-Dec-2019 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM


Predator Ridge Golf Resort
301 Village Centre Place, Vernon Phone Number: (888) 578-6688

Event Description

Join local artist and Predator Ridge resident, Teyjah McAren for a series of art lessons in her new art studio on Dominion Way in the Commonage. Join in the fun and explore the vast possibilities available with acrylic paints, gels and mediums. SIGN UP: Directly with Teyjah by phone at: (250) 804-6770 or by email at: SEPTEMBER DATES: September 14, September 20, September 28 OCTOBER DATES: October 26 NOVEMBER DATES: November 8, November 23 DECEMBER DATES: December 6 TIME: 9:30am - 4:00pm WHERE: “Teyjah’s Art Den”, 225 Dominion Way COST: $100/workshop WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: Be prepared to paint, learn and have fun! This intensive workshop covers the basics; understanding mineral and modern pigments for clean color mixing, the use of gels to create textures and extend paints (saving you $). Explore glazing options with Fluids and Heavy Body Paint. Apply grounds to create unusual surfaces. Discover how to work with delicate, transparent washes and thick impasto application. A boundless journey! Best suited for Beginners & Intermediates but open to all levels of experience.

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