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  • 'Northern Rescue' star William Baldwin faced real-life danger with mudslide

    TORONTO - William Baldwin has been through some harrowing emergency situations, both on and off-screen.
  • AP Exclusive: A peek at how Disney resort shows are made

    LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. - With excitement building over a new "Star Wars" land opening later this year at Walt Disney World, as well as at its California cousin, it's easy to forget a slew of new entertainment shows also are debuting in the biggest year for the Florida theme park resort in two decades.
  • Jason Sniderman's glam-rock persona Ensign Broderick unleashed at 60

    TORONTO - Jason Sniderman has been frustratingly patient with his glam-rock persona, Ensign Broderick.
  • After 54 years, ABC ready to sign off on Indianapolis 500

    The old television broadcast booth at Indianapolis Motor Speedway was situated on the roof over the front straightaway, set back just enough that Paul Page remembers being able to see the start-finish line only if he pressed one eye to the glass.
  • Music giant Jimmy Iovine in 'Defiant' alliance with Dr. Dre

    NEW YORK - "The Defiant Ones," a new HBO docuseries about two giants in the entertainment world, takes its title from a 1958 film classic about two prison escapees, one black and one white, who are shackled together as they make a break for freedom.
  • Before "Lion," the story behind an unlikely family reunion

    KHANDWA, India - Editor's note: Four years before the movie "Lion" was released, two Associated Press reporters told the story of Saroo Brierley's complicated reunion with his mother, Fatima Munshi. This is that story, which was originally published by the AP in 2012:
  • AP: Too quiet on the set; filming accidents often go untold

    LOS ANGELES - As hundreds of names scrolled up the screen after 2012's "The Avengers," moviegoers who remained glued to their seats for a taste of the next treat in Marvel's superhero universe didn't know one name was missing — that of John Suttles, a truck driver who died helping bring the $1.5 billion blockbuster to theatres.
  • Review: New 'Ben-Hur' stands in shadow of Wyler's 1959 epic

    Remaking a film that won 11 Academy Awards invites inevitable comparison, but the latest adaptation of "Ben-Hur" distinguishes itself from William Wyler's 1959 epic by retooling key character and story elements. It's still a big, biblical-era tale of power, loyalty and vengeance, only refocused through rose-colored lenses with an eye toward appealing to the lucrative faith-based audience.
  • 'Fargo' season 2: same accents, more polyester

    CALGARY - The second season of "Fargo" inhabits the same sparse, snow-swept universe as the first — except with more shag carpet and polyester.
  • Massive security efforts in New York, New Jersey surround Super Bowl spectacle

    NEW YORK, N.Y. - Despite no specific terror threats against the Super Bowl, federal and local authorities have heightened security and studied intelligence about recent attacks on mass transit in Russia, law enforcement officials said Wednesday.

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